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1.       Guaranteed Love


Seconds, minutes, hours and days,

Seasons, years and decades;

It's a natural law that time will fleet,

Yet success in love oft evades.


I say that life is fleeting,

See all those days irrevocable?

Yet those to come will likewise drift,

But man is ever gullible.


A Merciful Lord has filled every breast,

With a blazing, passionate fire;

But the trials of life are ever cruel,

You learn to forsake such desire.


This desperate soul has ever yearned,

For many a girl of beauty;

Now, mercifully, the grief has eased,

As ever to God my duty.


But think of Eternal Heaven,

Where of love is a certainty;

Aspire to perpetually succumb to,

This Blissful Guarantee.


Dr Umar Azam


2.       Beloved Dream

Half the world lies, in a slumber deep;

But, tossing and turning, Icannot sleep!

For but an instant, my eyes beheld her;

But the image is fixed, I cannot forget her!

To God Most High, I yield my soul;

Acelestial reward, my tangible goal!

'My God, give me peace!' you hear me whisper,

'Show me my beloved, that my soul may prosper!'

My eyes have opened, it is another day;

But oh quickly the night, was whittled away!

My soul is content, my features glow;

'What happened at night?' I want to know.

I close my eyes, and picture my mind;

The images are coming, after a subtle rewind.

Seated I was, but she was standing;

My gaze was fixed, and her beauty demanding!

Slender gait, and graceful poise;

Enchanting eyes, and dignified gaze!

Braided hair, and enticing innocence;

Melodious voice, frustrating nonchalence!

Praiseworthy essence, and delightful lures;

Testifying aura, confirming 'I'm yours!'

Superlative features, compassionate face;

Or is it the error, of my partial gaze?

As I'm rendered speechless, by every perfect feature;

I thank God's Majesty, for this perfect creature!

The best of worldly treasures, is a righteous wife;

But I can meet mine, in a subconscious life!

Dr Umar Azam


3.       The Blessing of Spring


The season of spring is upon us once

Refreshing hope with sights galore!
Blossoming daffodils and emerging buds,
Productive fields and awakening woods!


In the still-bare trees the cuckoo sings,
The herald of spring, the wanton king!
If only he knew how significant his call,
       A yardstick of renewal, acknowledged by all!

Milder cold and invigorating smells,
Chicks emerging from brittle shells!
With lengthening days the darkness yields,
And seasonal bunnies congregate in fields!

For many a creature the hibernation ends,
And every busy bird to its nesting tends!
Mellow breeze and clearing haze,
Surely the advent of more pleasant days!

Sporadic rain, the amassed sky breaches,
And so the moisture the vegetation reaches.
One season in four will new life bring,
So glorified be God, The Maker of Spring!


Dr Umar Azam


4.       The Worldly End

Now the body has withered, the hair is grey;
But the mind is very much alert.
I am no longer young, I know,
But my conscience is still awfully hurt!

The average span of human life, they say,
Is seventy years or so.
I have exceeded my fare, I know,
But where did the duration go?

I don't seem to have tarried so long,
And the past is all a vague dream.
Eternal life is sure to follow, I know,
And that time-span is somewhat extreme!

Deep within me my soul is content,
I don't fear the angel of death.
He is sure to come, I know,
But he is welcome to take my breath!

I have believed and worked the best deeds,
Praise be to god who has mercifully guided.
Had I been one of the rebellious, I know,
The fire of hell is for the deluded!

Umar Azam


5.       Fish in the Sea 

They say there are many fish in the sea,
But I have chosen you!
This day you are standing in front of me,
So wishes do come true!

You don't look like a fish to me,
You look like a pretty girl!
And when I gaze at your good looks,
My mind is in a frenzied whirl!

Our eyes meet up, there's a flash of light,
That's hard to understand!
I gasp for breath and my heart beats fast,
Your love is now in demand!

When your fingers run right through my hair,
Time should never be at its end.
And when I'm held in your soft embrace,
It's a snowball-type of trend!

I missed you all my life,

And will never be so lonely,

Now that you are my very own,
I don't care for the sea!

                                                Dr Umar Azam