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Television with built-in Qur'an!

K.T. Abdurabb, Arab News

DUBAI : A television with built-in Qur'an! LG Electronics has announced the Middle East-wide availability of the only TV in the world with built-in Qur'an, to honor the holy month of Ramadan.

LG's latest Time Machine plasma/LCD TV allows viewers to listen to the Qur'an, search and bookmark passages - all on the TV screen. The Holy Qur'an incorporated into the plasma/LCD TV includes all of the 114 surahs, allowing users to search for specific verse and bookmark up to 10 favorites with record and stop button on the remote control.

The TV also allows viewers to listen to the Qur'an, an excellent feature for allowing several people to study and understand the scriptures together. A multilingual interface allows viewers to navigate and read the text in Arabic and Farsi. At the top of the screen is a status bar that displays the name of the surah, verse numbers and the time of day.

"As a brand that respects Muslims, LG is committed to ensuring that we offer solutions that meet local needs, and the built-in Qur'an TV comes as a part of this effort," said H.S. Paik, president of LG Electronics Gulf FZE

In addition to its special features for Ramadan, this TV also includes LG's Time Machine technology, which allows viewers to pause and rewind live TV shows, and record shows for later viewing. The built in 160 GB hard drive is large enough to store 40 football matches or 30 full-length movies. LG's Time Machine TV with the built-in Qur'an facility is available in LCD/PDP 37, 42 and 50-inch sizes.

Correspondence on Islam and Science


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Re: Halal Ingredients Report




"DR UMAR AZAM" <dr_umar_azam@yahoo.co.uk>

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thank you for your notes on halal product's since i lived here in

indonesia,there's many of thoose company product's especially coca

cola,that have rumors on pig's blood.

anyway your study is very usefull for muslims in knowing the right


according to Allah.

anyway there is this theory,from my bhrother muslim,he's from physics

background,about the creation of the Earth and the Universe according


Al-Quran that Contradict with The Big Bang Theory,on of it is the

Arsy(Allah Throne)is could mean in universe Ages ago Is WATER.whilist


it's existence is across the universe.now Allah Arsy is Above that.

there is Another Theory about The Horn Of Sangkakala(Qiyamah),is Black

Hole,you see a Death Star Could Shrink it's matter after a Huge

Explosion.whilist in physics theory a Matter is can be shrink but only


a 0:........0 Second after that it will explode to a normal shape.But a

Black Hole is a Shrinking Death Star that can have a Diameter smaller


1/2 cm(0.5cm).and it can last so for long.until now....!?

the Question is What Sort of Energy(state of matter)that can hold it's

shrink in a time that last for so long(Centuries).and it have huge


that can even absorb a Light...

Question1:what happen if a black hole Release it's energy(explode)

Question2:a Big Qiyamah(Qubra)in Qur-an is said that the Star's will

Fly.thus the Mountain's in earth are too..the resemblence with this


is that a Big Qiyamah is happen in All Universe...While Black Hole

Existence is Spread in the Universe...

SubhanAllah AllahuAkbar,


MAy Allah Forgive me if i have said something wrong.


that's for now .

anyway please comment your opinion.





Thu, 14 Aug 2008 21:40:52 +0100 (BST)


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Wa laikum salam, Br Adif


It is very interesting to hear the scientific remarks made by the br Muslim from a physics background, but I’m not myself a scientist, having done degrees in the Arts in University.  So I can’t really understand fully his reasoning!   However, I do know that the universe is expanding and, at some point it will begin contracting so that we shall go into the past at some point.  Also, scientists have found that the ‘atomic explosions’ in the Universe will go on perpetually – that’s why Jannat and Jahannum are Eternal.   Please see my compilation: Science v. Religion? on www.dr-umar-azam.com and see www.freewebs.com/umarazam for a list of my Websites.  Keep in touch, Br!  



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http://www.islamics cienceforum. org

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The Islamic Science Forum conceptualizes and introduces Islamic Science for the first time.

Islamic science is holistic knowledge generated through synergistic integration of science with the Quran recognizing the truth that the source of knowledge to man is God. It is the totality of Revealed Knowledge by God. It describes the universe as a giant computer designed, programmed and created by God. The Quranic messages relating to the creation process, functioning of the universe, divine purpose of the universe and Homo sapiens, testing of human beings on the earth, end of the world, re-creation of the universe, resurrection of human beings, the Hereafter, etc., can be scientifically explained and understood based on this model.

The website also exposes the deliberate attempts of atheist lobby to promote pseudoscience to defy God. These include:

  • Pseudoscience classic – Darwinism-based evolutionary theories
  • Theories of origin of life – that talk of everything except origin of life
  • The scientific blunder of the twentieth century – Molecular gene


Islamic Science – an overview



Prof. P.A. Wahid Ph.D., FNAAS


Email:   pawahid@gmail. com

Website: http://www.islamics cienceforum. org


Biology is all about life; but biologists do not know what "life" is! Genetics is all about gene; but geneticists do not know what the gene is! Evolutionary theory is all about species; but evolutionists do not know what "species" is! Although over the past one century plus, biological research has been going on in every nook and corner of the globe, we have not been able to find out answers to these fundamental questions. If anything, our understanding of these phenomena is getting more and more blurred as we go deeper into them. Why? Islamic Science provides the answer. The time has come we started thinking about the universe sensibly as a system created by God with a purpose and not a product of chance with no purpose. The time has come we stopped thinking that the Scriptures are irrational and science alone is rational. It is also time that scientists stopped fooling the public exploiting their trust in science and scientific community by planting pseudoscience in the realm of science.



There is an ongoing effort to islamize knowledge. The debate on Islam and modern science is not new. The issue of Islamic Science has figured in several articles, books, seminars and debates for over three decades now. All these attempts to evolve a consensus on the subject have not produced the desired result. The literature on Islam and science reveal that there is clear misconception about modern science among many Muslim scholars. Many of them maintain that Islamic Science should be a product based on the Quran, hadith, different schools of Islamic thought and authentic Islamic worldview. This has led to alienating science from Islam particularly because modern science and technology is a product of the `western thinking'. A visible characteristic common to all the views on Islamic Science is the emotional rather than objective criticism of the western science. This western science bashing appears to be total and not confined to its inconsistencies with the Quran. Of late, articles deploring western science and calling for total boycott of modern technology have also started appearing in Islamic literature.

The scientific community also makes no secret of its intentions to keep religion at bay. A resolution passed by the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A., in 1981 states: "Religion and science are separate and mutually exclusive realms of human thought whose presentation in the same context leads to misunderstanding of both scientific theory and religious belief." This resolution draws the line of demarcation between science and religion. All these developments in either camp are indeed unfortunate and opposed to the very spirit of Islam. The present scenario only confirms the non-recognition of the single source – Allah – for both science and the Quran.


Why should science and the Quran talk?


The Quran is God's word (Q. 3:3) and true science is also from God (Q. 96:5). In other words, true science will always be consistent with and complementary to the Quran, no matter whether it is developed in the west or outside of the west, or whether it is contributed by Muslim or non-Muslim. Conversely, any theory or concept that does not go with the spirit of the Quran is deemed to be of satanic origin. The Satan was created by God to mislead man from the path of God in His scheme of human testing on this planet, and science is no exception in this respect. Thus by adopting the Quran as the reference standard, the veracity of scientific information can be adjudged and the acceptable information can be fused with the Quran leading to the development of Islamic Science. In fact, science and technology knowledgebase is not opposed to the Quran except for a few theories in the non-tech area.

Knowledge of Arabic language may be sufficient to understand the general theme and divine instructions to humanity revealed through the Quran; but it is not enough to comprehend the Quran rationally particularly the revelations relating to creation, functioning of the universe and purpose of human life. For example, our knowledge in Arabic does not distinguish the word qalb from sadr in the Quran. These words are translated to mean "heart" and treated synonymously by the scholars in spite of the fact that they imply two different things as is clearly evident from the Quranic verses. The term fuad is another example. Further, it has not been possible for us to distinguish Iblis and the Satan mentioned in the Quran. These are only a few instances where inconsistencies exist. The time has come for scientists and Quran scholars to put their heads together and bring out clarity in our understanding of the Quranic messages. Islamic Science Forum offers a common platform for that sacred venture.


The need to develop Islamic Science


The Forum conceptualizes and introduces Islamic Science based on the Quranic revelation that both science and the Quran originated from Allah. Accordingly, Islamic Science is defined as science (i.e., knowledge) within the framework of the holy Quran. It is holistic knowledge generated through synergistic integration of the Quran and science – the ultimate version of Revealed Knowledge by Allah. Islamic Science cuts across religion and science dissolving the man-made boundaries between the two. For more details, read the book, An Introduction to Islamic Science available at the website of this Forum.

Belief in religion is invariably treated as a matter of faith without the need for substantiation and justification. On the other hand, science is rational knowledge based on experimental findings, observed facts and logical analysis. The validity of science is reflected in its utility for technology development. Science is, therefore, readily acceptable to the masses. On the other hand, religion has remained a blind ideology. Its credibility is being increasingly questioned in the present-day `knowledge societies'. As a result, we find many skeptics and very few true believers.

The Quran is not merely a source of divine instructions as to how man should lead his life on this planet. Besides many things, it also reveals to us knowledge of several aspects of the universe and human life that are beyond the scope of modern science. The Quran tells us among other things that Allah created man as His vicegerent on the earth. Man is God's servant and He is testing us to know who will accept Him as the only God and live according to His directions. We are warned that the activities of each and every one of us are being recorded in real time; the universe will end one day and it will be re-created. On that day, human beings will be resurrected and judged based on their individual records of their test life on this planet and will be awarded permanent life in Heaven or punishment in Hell depending on the success or the failure in the test. Unless one is a default Muslim (i.e., born to Muslim parents) or has tremendous conviction, these messages will sound superstitious and irrational. But today our knowledgebase (science and technology given by God) has grown so much that it is possible for us to explain the Quranic messages scientifically.

            A lot of information is now available on the nature and functioning of both living and nonliving components of the universe. Until now, we have used science and technology to better our worldly prospects and material gains. There is yet another more important and more rewarding potential of science and technology which remains untapped by us – to explain the Quranic messages rationally and bring the absolute realities within our perception and beyond reproof. We need both the Quran and science to explain the universe and realize the divine purpose of creating us (Homo sapiens) on the earth.

Islamic Science treats the universe as a system designed, programmed (like a computer) and created by God with purpose as against the scientific worldview that it evolved itself by chance with no purpose to serve. Islamic Science absorbs the Quranic revelations into its fold expanding its scope from here and now to the Hereafter. In conjunction with the Quranic messages, it is possible to define and explain what energy is, and the phenomena of life and death, which have hitherto remained a puzzling question in science. Application of science enables us to comprehend scientifically the purpose of human life, end of the universe, re-creation of the universe and such other certainties discussed in the Quran.


The computer concept of the universe


Several scientists like Maurice Bucaille, Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar), Keith Moore and Zaghloul el-Naggar have made commendable efforts to bring to light the scientific facts mentioned in the Quran. Apart from that, several messages in the Quran do offer new insights into the purpose and functioning of the physical universe and biosystems, which modern science ignore to examine.

Application of science to explain the Quranic messages on the universe and human life led to the development of a computer concept of the universe, which was first published in 1998 (P. A. Wahid, The Divine Expert System) by the Muslim Association for Advancement of Science, Aligarh. Four years later, Prof. Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA , published a research paper entitled "Computational capacity of the universe" in the journal Physical Review Letters, and Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Media, USA, published a book A New Kind of Science. According to Seth Lloyd, the universe is a quantum computer. A quantum computer can perform millions of computations simultaneously. Quantum computers process the information stored on individual atoms, electrons, and photons. Lloyd published another book Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes On the Cosmos in 2006. Stephen Wolfram proposes that all of reality might result from a kind of algorithm, like a computer program being enacted again and again on the underlying building blocks of space and matter. He argues that the whole universe can be viewed as one huge cellular automaton.  The basic change that the computer concept of the universe brings into our present knowledge of the universe and cosmology is that it is the patterns of information rather than matter and energy per se that represent the fundamental units of reality.

The most important feature of the computer model is that it enables us to explain some of the fundamental questions about the universe with the help of the Quran and science. The combined need of the Quran and science to answer these questions proves two things: a) these two categories of knowledge originate from a single source – God, and b) neither of these can explain the universe singly. Although the knowledgebase created by science covers almost every aspect of the universe from the subatomic level to the galaxies and beyond, questions like how the various components of the universe acquired their characteristic properties and behaviour have not yet been addressed. Did they decide themselves or how do they `know' how to react when and what to produce? We will be compelled to ask such questions when we observe self-propelled, self-regulated behaviour of the universal components. Phenomena like natural cycles, planetary movements and a host of others that occur with clock-work precision and accuracy are but a few of them. The system indeed `knows' how to function and how to go about.


"Behold! In the creation of the skies and the earth, and the alternation of night and day – there are indeed signs for men of understanding. Men who celebrate the praise of Allah, standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of ) creation of the skies and the earth (with the thought): "Our Lord! Not for naught You have created (all) this! Glory to You! …."  (Q. 3: 190-191)


With our present-day level of knowledge in science, such a system is analogous to a computer system or to be more precise, an expert system. The self-regulated behaviour of the universe like an expert system arises from the fact that the universal components carry God's commands. This would mean that the chemical structures encode divine instructions and it is these instructions (or programs to use the computer jargon) that impart characteristic properties and behaviour to a chemical structure, which, in turn, drive the universe as a whole in a programmed manner.


"So He completed them (i.e., the universal components) as seven skies…and transmitted in each sky its duty and command…"  (Q. 41:12)


"Glorify the name of your Guardian Lord, most high, who created and further gave order and proportion, who ordained laws and granted guidance."    (Q. 87:1-3)



Organism – natural biocomputer


An organism is a natural biocomputer (or more precisely a biorobot in view of the presence of sensors, muscles etc.). The chemical structures from the sub-cellular level to organs constitute the hardware, while the biological software that drives the organism is stored on the chromosomes (the storage medium) of the cell (biochip) in a form intangible to our senses, perhaps by the same mechanism as the brain stores information. In our computers also, the program is invisible to us. The biological information is the rooh mentioned in the Quran whose nature is not revealed to us. The biological information may be biosoftware or any other information that can be received and stored by an organism. The so-called "soul" may be equated with the biosoftware. The Quran also uses the term nafs exclusively for human biosoftware (soul) and informs us that it is the removal (deletion) of the nafs (biosoftware) from the body (i.e., cells) that results in death (Q. 6:93). Therefore, we may define death as the deletion of biosoftware from the body cells. In other words, a dead body is like a computer without software. The phenomenon of life can be therefore defined as the manifestation of the execution of the divine biological program.

Although biology is the science of life, we have not been able to understand what "life" is. But the phenomena of life and death can be understood in conjunction with the Quranic message with the help of the computer model. In a recently published book, The Computer Universe: A Scientific Rendering of the Holy Quran, the Quranic messages about the universe and human biosystem were scientifically explained in great detail based on the computer model. Free access to this book is available at the Forum website.


Fight pseudoscience


As in any sphere of human activity, we also find the hand of the Satan in science. Deliberate attempts are being made by atheist scientists to create untruth and sell it as science. Pseudoscientific theories have come to stay with the sole objective of shaking the theistic underpinnings of the religion and establishing instead, atheism. The movement has now gained critical mass and enough momentum by cunningly exploiting people's trust in science and scientific community. The common man is ignorant of it.


a) Unscientific move against big bang cosmology


The belief in a static universe was so strong prior to the twentieth century that no scientist including Albert Einstein had the mind to refute it. Scientists believed that the universe was unchanging. Thus when Einstein formulated the general theory of relativity in 1915, which implied a non-static universe, he introduced unnecessarily a cosmological constant called "antigravity" to avoid the prediction of a non-static universe. Later Einstein regretted this modification as the biggest blunder in his life. On the other hand, in 1922, Russian physicist and mathematician, Alexander Friedmann explained the non-static implication of the theory in an elegant manner.

Friedmann's models predicted that all galaxies were moving away from each other. In other words, the universe has been expanding ever since it began. His models thus indicated that the galaxies were at some point of time (between ten and twenty thousand million years ago), together and compressed into a tiny volume of infinite density. This point of infinite density is known in physics as a "singularity" to which, Fred Hoyle, a Cambridge astrophysicist gave the fashionable epithet, `big bang'. Time had a beginning at the big bang. Later, British physicist Roger Penrose and famed British cosmologist Stephen Hawking showed that the general theory of relativity implied that the universe had a beginning and possibly, it would have an end too – a fact fully in agreement with the Quran (Q. 10:3; 79:42).

In 1924, the US astronomer Edwin Hubble demonstrated that ours was not the only galaxy; there were many other galaxies with vast empty spaces separating them. In 1929 came Hubble's another important observation that the universe has been expanding ever since it began, which proved Friedmann's prediction that the universe was not static, clearly indicating that the galaxies were together at some point of time in the past. These two scientific findings are also correct in the light of the Quran.


"With power and skill did We construct the sky: For it is We who create the expansion of space." (Q. 51:47)


"Do not the unbelievers see that the skies and the earth were joined together before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?" (Q. 21:30)


Mark it; the verse (Q. 21:30) addresses the unbelievers in general and atheist scientists in particular. Allah chose unbelievers to be great scientists and inventors of modern era and gave them every opportunity to find out for themselves how the universe was created by Him. Through that knowledge Allah wants them to realize His power and ability and to believe in Him and the truth, the Quran.

The big bang theory implied existence of God and divine intervention in the creation of the universe. The Catholic Church grabbed this opportunity to make an official declaration of the acceptance of the big bang model in 1951. The theory was, however, unwelcome and unexpected to the atheist lobby of the scientific community. To quote Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes): "Many people do not like the idea that time has a beginning, probably because it smacks of divine intervention… There were therefore a number of attempts to avoid the conclusion that there had been a big bang. The proposal that gained widest support was called the steady state theory."

The steady state model was proposed by Hermann Bondi and Thomas Gold (two Austrian scientists) along with Fred Hoyle in 1949. According to this theory, the universe does not evolve or change with time. There was no beginning in the past nor is there a change in the future. This model is based on the perfect cosmological principle which states that the universe is the same everywhere on the large scale, at all times.  The theory held centre stage for over two decades as it avoided the big bang and hence divine intervention. But the theory failed in its predictions. The steady state model has now lost its sheen and is almost rejected. Subsequently, two Russian scientists, Evegenii Lifshitz and Isaac Khalatnikov, made another attempt at about the same time to challenge the big bang. Their theory could not, however, pose a threat to the big bang model for technical reasons. No sooner was it proposed than was it rejected. Thus, as of today, the big bang cosmology which upholds the existence of God, survives.


b) Chance evolution of biological organisms


With the ever-increasing discoveries of evidences supporting the big bang theory, the atheist scientists have by and large lost hope in concocting a theory relating to the origin of inorganic world that would shake the foundations of big bang model. As expected, they are now banking on the theory of organic evolution – Darwinism or its modern variant neo-Darwinism or modern synthesis – as the saviour of atheism.    

Charles Robert Darwin was born in Shropshire , England , on 12 February 1809. Darwin showed strong aptitude for scientific reasoning right from his early years. He has also taken a degree in Divinity at Christ College , Cambridge University . A five-year voyage in the ship M. S. Beagle through a wide cross-section of the earth's environments provided Darwin the most needed information on biodiversity to develop his famous theory of evolution. Darwin systematically and elaborately presented his ideas about the origin of species in the book, On The Origin of Species By Means Of Natural Selection, Or The Preservation Of Favoured Races In The Struggle For Life, which was originally published in November 1859 by John Murray, London, and which in the later years became the guiding principle of biology as a whole.

Darwin was not in fact the originator of the idea of evolution. The idea of evolution was there long before Darwin 's time. Darwin believed that species were mutable and could give rise to newer forms if beneficial heritable variation occurred. In this way new species evolved as descent with modification. Darwin assumed that variations occurred in species by chance. He further assumed that there was severe competition between species leading to struggle for existence. If the variation that occurs in an individual helps in some way to overcome the competition, that individual survives and the variation is transmitted down to future generations. In this way the variation gets accumulated gradually in the population leading to the evolution of new species. This purposeless, unconscious mechanism is what he called "natural selection".

Darwinism is an outright proclamation of non-existence of God. As succinctly epitomised by Earnest Haeckel, one of the expounders of the theory of evolution, " Darwin 's theory of evolution and natural selection revolutionised biology. The implication of this postulated struggle for existence seemed to undermine the basis of religion…no miracle, no creation, no creator." Right from day one of publication of Darwin 's book, the theory has remained controversial not only because it contradicted the existence of God, but also because it lacked scientific proof supporting it. Its predictions, particularly fossil record, have proved wrong. The evolutionists make false propaganda that the theory has been scientifically proven. Now many scientists are coming out in the open to oppose the theory and many schools in the US and elsewhere are contemplating to remove the theory from science curriculum.

The year 2009 marks the second birth centenary of Charles Darwin, and hundred and fiftieth year of the publication of his book on the origin of the species. On this occasion, it is only befitting to expose the pseudoscientific theory of evolution to the public. The book Darwinism: Science Made to Order is released in this context. It is available free at the Forum website.



c) Molecular gene – a misleading concept


Although the phenomenon of life is still not explained in science, we know now that every organism carries a program that is responsible for its phenotype, biological activities and functioning. This program is called the genetic program and is conceptualized as being physically constituted by the genome, which is made up of certain chemical structures (DNA), the supposed hereditary material. Accordingly, DNA segments came to be known as "gene" and the entire collection of genes encoded by a particular organism as "genome" (genetic program) – the blueprint of life. But we find the concept is too weak to explain the biological phenomena. For instance, at death the genome is intact, yet the body loses life!

This concept is at loggerheads with the concept of "intangible biological program" used to define the phenomena of life and death based on the Quran. It may be pointed out here that the gene (DNA) constitutes hardware responsible for synthesizing proteins in the body cells. Through genetic engineering, molecular biologists are trying to find a hardware solution for a software problem. Since scientists believe only in the physical or material phenomenon and not in the intangible (or ghayb), they project a chemical structure (genome) as constituting the biological program. While proposing the gene concept in 1909, Wilhelm Johannsen had cautioned against conceptualising the gene as physical entity. His contention that gene is non-physical or intangible, agrees well with the computer model of organism and the Quranic messages. Already molecular genetics has started showing signs of inconsistency in several ways – the regulatory role played by the so-called junk DNA, epigenetic phenomenon, etc. – with the result the genome has become a virtual ocean in which molecular biologists drift.

The molecular gene concept has led to other wrong concepts as well. Cloning is an off-shoot of this concept. A clone is the identical facsimile of an individual. Both are originals in the strict sense of the term. They both have identical genomes and are expected to have identical phenotypes. But in reality, we find that identical genomes express differentially under identical situations. Very clearly, the contention that genome constitutes the biological program is wrong. The "identical twins" (also called monozygotic twins), which are produced from the two cells following the division of zygote are the nearest achievable clones in nature. Even those `clones' are not identical. This again refutes the contention that genome is the bioprogram. Allah alone has the nafs (biosoftware) of human beings and He alone can create clones. And God will do it on the Day of Judgement when every human being will be re-created. They are the clones!

The book, The Great Gene Fiasco: The Quran Defines Life discusses these aspects at length. The book is available free at the Forum website.


d) Theories of origin of life


Molecular gene concept implies that it is the genome that is responsible for life and therefore the concept supports the biologists' argument that life originated from non-life. Several theories have been advanced to explain the origin of life. These can be broadly categorized into four a) prebiotic soup theory, b) gene-first model, c) metabolism-first model and d) panspermia theory. Although these are called theories of origin of life, none of these suggests how life originated but they all stay in the province of non-life. Ironically these theories are promoted and taught in the classes as "theories of origin of life".

At present we have the knowledge and technology required to produce any gene in the laboratory. Using molecular tools, a research group at the J. Craig Venter Institute, USA., artificially produced the complete genome of the organism Mycoplasma genitalium, a parasitic bacterium with the smallest genome for any free-living cell. But it did not spring to life clearly showing that life did not arise from non-life and that genome is not the biological program. But yet biologists do not accept this truth for fear of it being construed as evidence of God from biosphere! 

The emerging scenario

            All these instances prove one thing that there is an all-out effort to generate spurious theories and concepts to suit the atheistic agenda. It is in this context development of Islamic Science assumes great importance and relevance. The future of science lies in Islamic Science.




No. 1 

- Sunrise from the West
Get ready, be prepared.... ..
Please read, very interesting article..
The science of astronomy states that the speed of planet Mars has been decreasing in its course toward the eastern direction in the past few weeks to the level we notice the 'waver' between the east and the west..
and on Wednesday the 30th of July the planet movement stopped going toward the eastern direction. Then in the months of August and September... Mars changed its course in the opposite direction to the
West- and that until the end of September..which means the sun will rise now from the west on Mars!!
And this weird phenomena of the opposite movement called 'Retrograde Motion' Most scientist state that all the planets will go through the same once at least and our planet Earth is one of them. Planet Earth will move in the opposite direction some day and the sun will rise from the west!!
This might occur soon and we are unaware! The rise of the sun from the west is mentioned in the hadith and this is the major sign of the day of judgment, most if not All, the minor signs have occured. Wake up.
Our beloved messenger Mohamed (Peace Be Upon Him) said: 'One of the signs of the hour..the sun will rise from the west, where no longer
tauba(forgiveness) will be granted' !!And the strange thing..most of our Shariah scholars mentioned that the rise of the sun from the west occurs only once..on that day..the sun will rise from the west..then again from the east..and continues until Allah wishes...and this is similar to what is happening to Mars..it stops, then it changes its course of direction for a short period of time..then returns to way once it was.
And Abdullah Bin Amro (R.A.) said: (I memorized from the messenger (SAW) a hadith I will never forget..I heard the messenger of Allah (SAW) say:
The first aya to come the rise of the sun from the west) [Ahmad] And the messenger SAW 'Allah (SWT) places HIS hand at night to forgive his morning sinners, and places in the morning to forgive his night sinners until the sun rises from the west' [Muslim] This piece of news is very important as it brings with it a great sign of warning and remembrance of the coming of a new WORLD - the world of the Hereafter When we show this hadith that was told 1400 years ago about this miracle..you will see InshaALLAH, a lot will revert to right path...And the muslims if they see this phenomena happening in Mars..who knows may be it would bring them closer to our CREATOR.
May Allah (swt) keep all of us in the Right path and provide us with success in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Courtesy of:  unitedtamilmuslims@yahoogroups.com 

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mohammad Usman <musman@kindasa. com>
Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 4:12 PM
Subject: There is healing in Black Cumin for all diseases except death (Hadith)
To: Mohammad Usman <musman@kindasa. com>

Salaam brother,


I read somewhere in Islamic articles where Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) disclosed that cumin seed (or is that powder?) is a cure-all spice. Do you know of any information how to prepare this substance and its application especially to those with eczema?


Your information is greatly appreciated.


Best regards,





It was listed as a medicinal plant in early Egypt, mentioned in both Testaments of the Bible and Pliny considered cumin to be "the best appetizer of all the condiments." It is a common ingredient in the seasoning blend garam masala.


Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) saying "There is healing in Black Cumin for all diseases except death."

Black cumin seeds mixed with honey and garlic are excellent tonics for people with asthma or coughs as well as those who want to enhance their immunity during cold and flu season or when an infection is setting in.


Nigella sativa is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history. The best seeds come from Egypt where they grow under almost perfect conditions in oases where they are watered until the seed pods form. Black cumin seeds were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Though black cumin seeds are mentioned in the Bible as well as in the words of the Prophet Mohammed(pbuh), they were not carefully researched until about forty years ago. Since this time, more than 200 studies have been conducted in universities.

Oil Composition

oleic acid


linoleic acid


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The famous Greek physician Dioscorides used black cumin seeds to treat headaches and toothaches. Prophet(pbuh) said that black cumin cures every disease except death. The reason might be found in the complex chemical structure of the seeds. These little seeds have over one hundred different chemical constituents, including abundant sources of all the essential fatty acids. Though it is the oil that is most often used medicinally, the seeds are a bit spicy and are often used whole in cooking—curries, pastries, and Mediterranean cheeses.

Nigella sativa seeds have very little aroma but are carminative, meaning they tend to aid digestion and relieve gases in the stomach and intestines. They aid peristalsis and elimination. The essential oil of black cumin is antimicrobial and helps to rid the intestines of worms.

Black cumin is regarded by many as a panacea and may therefore not be taken seriously by some, but for those inclined to dismiss folklore, it should be noted that these humble seeds have been found superior to almost every other natural remedy when used for autoimmune disorders, conditions in which patients suffer greatly because their own systems attack their bodies. Black cumin, especially when combined with garlic, is regarded as a harmonizer of the imbalance which allows immune cells to destroy healthy cells. The technical language to describe this property is "immunomodulatory action." The difference between black cumin and interferon is that there are no known side effects with black cumin when administered in normal dosages. The saying goes that the beauty of black cumin is their capacity to restore harmony.

The most dramatic results are achieved with asthma and allergies. These respond relatively quickly unless there is infection, in which case, the infection needs to be eliminated before the symptoms of immune weakness subside. Continued use for six months or longer tends to give outstanding results. For extreme fatigue, consider mixing some crushed seeds with some royal jelly.

With a seed containing so many constituents and having such a long ethnobotanical history, it is not surprising that many throughout the Mediterranean and Asia believe that black cumin is basically good for all that ails us. However, the claims are not outrageously far-fetched if one considers how complete the seeds are in terms of their many chemical constituents. Still, it is understandable that anyone who claims that something can do anything from increasing one's sperm count or increasing milk production in a nursing mother to relieving bronchial conditions such as asthma and bronchitis, is not taken seriously. One then wonders if the imagination of the poets has triumphed over the logic of scientists? Just remember: those paying homage to the black seeds of the Egyptian oases were praising the capacity of the seeds to restore normalcy, not cure. This is not unimaginable if the nutrients are sufficient to correct deficiency conditions.

Protects Healthy Cells and Stimulates Production of Natural Interferon

The first major study of Nigella sativa in cancer prevention and treatment was performed by scientists at Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They concluded that a healthy immune system will detect and destroy cancer cells before the cancer endangers the patient. The immune system does this by supporting increased production of immune cells, bone marrow cells, and B-cells that produce antibodies. Black cumin stimulates neutrophil activity. These are the short-lived immune cells that are normally found in bone marrow but mobilized into action when there is a bacterial infection. Extracts of black cumin have also been shown to modulate production of interleukins, a quality it shares with some other highly revered herbs: ginseng, astragalus, mistletoe, garlic, and cat's claw.

In animal studies, while none of the subjects in the control group survived, two-thirds of the mice that had been given black cumin seed oil were still alive 30 days after deliberate efforts to cause cancer in the subject groups. Black cumin is particularly useful in aggressive cancers whose growth depends on angiogenesis.

In vitro studies performed in Jordan and the United States have determined that the volatile oil is anti-leukemic. Studies performed in Spain as well as England found that the fixed oil is useful in the treatment of rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases. This property is attributed to thymoquinone which is as high as 25% in the Egyptian seed and missing entirely is some seeds .

Culinary Uses

Black cumin seeds are small. They can be used to make tea by simply pouring hot water over the seeds and letting the brew steep for 10 minutes, about a tablespoon makes a nice cup of tea, but it is better to keep the cup covered until ready to drink so as to prevent the aroma from escaping. Some people add a few seeds to their favorite tea or coffee and allow their imaginations to conjure up images of camels and nomads. The seeds can also be added to casseroles or breads, used in canning, or extracted in wine or vinegar. Some people grind the seeds and mix them with honey or sprinkle them on salads. They make a nice addition to salad dressings and even stir fry dishes, especially when combined with lemon, cilantro, and tahini.


Nigella Sativa for Beauty

Most people seeking the benefits of black cumin take the oil in capsule form. Over a period of time, usually a few months, the hair and fingernails are strengthened and have more luster. However, some people use the oil externally, for beauty as well as for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. One can buy a ready-made cream, add some oil to a favorite cream, or make one's own cream from scratch by warming equal parts (by volume) of black cumin seeds and a nice carrier oil, like shea butter or jojoba. It's best to use a double boiler or be lazy (like me) and use a yogurt maker because the temperature is very even so you can safely ignore the process for hours. The oil will darken. When you feel this has been warmed long enough, melt a little beeswax into the warm oil. Stir it with a glass rod or new chopstick. If you like, you can add an essential oil or combination of oils just before the beeswax stiffens. Choose this for aesthetic or health reasons. Some people use such mixtures on burns or skin infections; some just use these creams to feel good, moisturize the skin, relieve joint or pain, or make wrinkles vanish.

Many combine vinegar and oil. In this case, mix one cup of black cumin seeds in organic apple cider vinegar. Let this sit for a few days or two weeks. Then, strain the mixture, first through a conventional strainer, then through a finer filter, like cheesecloth or a chemical-free coffee filter or tea bag. Mix the remainder with equal parts black cumin vinegar and black cumin oil. Heat this for a few minutes and then put into a mason jar and refrigerate. Apply this to problem skin such as areas with acne or take one tablespoon before meals for flatulence and digestive problems.

More importantly, enjoy another gift from Nature!


Known for healing every disease (except death), cumin is as important as a spice in recipes and as a medicine for colds and other such conditions. This book also shows the effectiveness of black cumin in treatments for asthma, allergies and acne

Cumin, Black - Nigella sativa - Egypt - For your aromatherapy needs. Cumin is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history. The best seeds come from Egypt where they grow under almost perfect conditions in oases where they are watered until the seed pods form.  The famous Greek physician Dioscorides used black cumin seeds to treat headaches and toothaches. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Clinical Data on Black Seed Herb

Black seed is used for treating gastrointestinal conditions including gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, constipation and haemorrhoids. It is also used for respiratory conditions, including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu and congestion. Additionally, it is used as an antihypertensive, immunoprotectant, anticancer agent, and vermifuge. It is used orally for women's health: including as a contraceptive, for stimulation of menstruation, and increasing milk flow.

In allergic conditions, black seed may have antihistamine effects. Black seed is thought to have immunoprotectant effects. Preliminary evidence suggests it may help minimize chemotherapy- induced decreases in hemoglobin and leukocyte counts. Black seed may be beneficial as an anticancer agent. According to preliminary studies, black seed may inhibit stomach tumors, carcinoma, and Ehrlich ascites carcinoma.

Black seed is reported to have been used for over 2000 years. Recordings mention it as far back as 1400 years. Black seed was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen.

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·  Increases immune function.
~ U.S. Patents Sections, Antiviral Agents Bulletin #5,482,711

·  Black seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells and raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.
~ Cancer Immuno-biology Laboratory ,South Carolina

·  Black seed contains valuable unsaturated fatty acids, for example Linoleic and Gammalinolen acids get into the organism. By that it possible to reach a synthesis of important immune regulating substances derived as from Prostaglandin E1. Linoleic acid stabilizes the cell membranes and Prostaglandin has the effect of inhibiting inflammation. By that the immune reactions are stopped which cause the illnesses and which otherwise could be the start of many chronic illnesses like acne and hayfever right up to cancer.
~ Dr. Peter Schleicher Immunologist, Munich, Germany

·  Black seed proves to have an ant histamine, ant-oxidant, anti-biotic, anti-mycotic and broncho-dilating effect.
~ Study of Black seed oil on humans, American Scientists

·  Black seed is truly a remarkable herb that has been used for over 3000 years. It contains over 100 valuable components. It is a significant source of essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates and other vitamins and minerals. " The seeds are also rich in sterols, especially beta-sitosterol, which is known to have anticarcinogenic activity".
~ Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC. O.M.D

·  Black seed tests prove to be genuine universal remedy.
~ Pharmaceutical newspaper, Wissenschaftlicher Text

·  Black seed is a valuable source of protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and niacin as well as minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, selenium, magnesium and zinc.
~ Phytochemicals of Nigella sativa seeds. Food Chemistry

Published Clinical Studies
Black Seed Herb

The in vitro effect of aqueous extract of Nigella sativa seeds on nitric oxide production.

Mahmood MS, Gilani AH, Khwaja A, Rashid A, Ashfaq MK.

Department of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, The Aga Khan University Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan.

The in vitro effect of aqueous extract of Nigella sativa seeds on nitric oxide (NO) production by murine macrophages was studied. Murine peritoneal macrophages were pre-incubated with the extract and then activated with Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharride . NO production was measured after 24 hours by spectrophotometry. The plant extract caused a dose-dependent decrease in NO production. Dialyzed preparation of the extract did not affect NO production. However, the boiled fraction of the extract resulted in a dose-dependent inhibition of NO apparently comparable to that of the whole extract. These results indicate that the aqueous extract of N. sativa seeds exhibits an inhibitory effect on nitric oxide production by murine macrophages and the active component(s) is/are non-protein in nature. In view of the fact that nitric oxide is a pro-inflammatory mediator, this study validates the traditional use of the Nigella sativa seeds for the treatment of rheumatism. Copyright 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

PMID: 13680825 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Neuropharmacologica l activity of Nigella sativa L. extracts.

Al-Naggar TB, Gomez-Serranillos MP, Carretero ME, Villar AM.

Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 28040 Madrid, Spain.

Pharmacological studies have been conducted on the aqueous and methanol extracts of defatted Nigella sativa L. seeds to evaluate their effects on the central nervous system (CNS) and on analgesic activity. The observations suggest that the two extracts of Nigella sativa possesses a potent CNS and analgesic activity (depressant action especially in the case of the methanolic extract).

PMID: 12902052 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Chemopreventive potential of volatile oil from black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) seeds against rat colon carcinogenesis.

Salim EI, Fukushima S.

Laboratory of Experimental and Molecular Carcinogenesis, Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Tanta University, Tanta 31527-Egypt.

Chemopreventive effects of orally administered Nigella sativa oil on the induction and development of 1,2-dimethylhydrazi ne-induced aberrant crypt foci (ACF), putative preneoplastic lesions for colon cancer, were investigated in Fischer 344 rats. Starting at 6 wk of age, 45 male rats (groups 1-3) were subcutaneously injected with DMH once a week for 3 wk. Group 1 (15 rats) served as a carcinogen control group without N. sativa administration. Group 2 or 3 (15 rats each) were given the oil in the postinitiation stage or in the initiation stage, respectively. Animals of group 4 (11 rats) were injected with 0.9% saline and received N. sativa oil from the beginning until the termination. At sacrifice, 14 wk after the start, the total numbers of ACF as well as those with at least four crypts were significantly reduced in group 2 (P < 0.01). However, treatment with N. sativa oil in the initiation stage (group 3) did not exhibit significant inhibitory effects except on foci with only one aberrant crypt. Immunohistochemical analysis of 5-bromo-2'.-deoxyuridine labeling in colonic crypts revealed the N. sativa oil to have significant antiproliferative activity in both initiation and postinitiation stages and especially in the latter. Histological examination revealed no pathological changes in the liver, kidneys, spleen, or other organs of rats treated with N. sativa. In addition, biochemical parameters of blood and urine as well as body weight gain were not affected. These findings demonstrate that the volatile oil of N. sativa has the ability to inhibit colon carcinogenesis of rats in the postinitiation stage, with no evident adverse side effects, and that the inhibition may be associated, in part, with suppression of cell proliferation in the colonic mucosa.

PMID: 12881014 [PubMed - in process]

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Nigella sativa (black cumin) ameliorates potassium bromate-induced early events of carcinogenesis: diminution of oxidative stress.

Khan N, Sharma S, Sultana S.

Section of Chemoprevention and Nutrition Toxicology, Department of Medical Elementology and Toxicology, Faculty of Science, Jamia Hamdard, Hamdard University, New Delhi 110 062, India.

Potassium bromate (KBrO3) is a potent nephrotoxic agent. In this paper, we report the chemopreventive effect of Nigella sativa (black cumin) on KBrO3-mediated renal oxidative stress, toxicity and tumor promotion response in rats. KBrO3 (125 mg/kg body weight, intraperitoneally) enhances lipid peroxidation, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, hydrogen peroxide and xanthine oxidase with reduction in the activities of renal antioxidant enzymes and renal glutathione content. A marked increase in blood urea nitrogen and serum creatinine has also been observed. KBrO3 treatment also enhances ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity and [3H] thymidine incorporation into renal DNA. Prophylaxis of rats orally with Nigella sativa extract (50 mg/kg body weight and 100 mg/kg body weight) resulted in a significant decrease in renal microsomal lipid peroxidation (P < 0.001), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (P < 0.001), H2O2 (P < 0.001) and xanthine oxidase (P < 0.05). There was significant recovery of renal glutathione content (P < 0.01) and antioxidant enzymes (P < 0.001). There was also reversal in the enhancement of blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine, renal ODC activity and DNA synthesis (P < 0.001). Data suggest that Nigella sativa is a potent chemopreventive agent and may suppress KBrO3-mediated renal oxidative stress, toxicity and tumour promotion response in rats.

PMID: 12755470 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Delayed apoptosis upon the treatment of Hep-2 cells with black seed.

Corder C, Benghuzzi H, Tucci M, Cason Z.

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS 39216, USA.

Nigella sativa (Black seed, BS) has been used to promote health and fight disease for centuries. The objectives of this investigation were: (1) to study whether agents such as cortisol and LPS alone or in combination induce cellular (Hep-2, laryngeal carcinoma) damage with time in culture (24, 48, and 72 hours) using apoptosis as a marker, (2) to determine if an immune stimulant such as BS, can protect Hep-2 cells from insult and ultimately thwart the programmed cells death mechanism. A total of 54 Hep-2 cell/tubes (50,000 cells per tube) were divided into six equal groups. Group one served as untreated control, while groups 2-6 were treated with either cortisol (10 ng/ml), LPS (10 micrograms/ml) , BS (25 micrograms/ml) , or a combination of LPS and cortisol and cortisol plus LPS plus BS, respectively. At the end of each phase the cells were harvested, heat fixed and stained with H&E to evaluate morphological changes. Immunohistochemistr y, using antibodies against caspace-3 to evaluate cells undergoing apoptosis was conducted in all groups. The results of this study showed evidence of cells undergoing apoptosis at different magnitudes in all groups. However, the most dramatic change was seen in groups containing cortisol and LPS alone or in combination. This was supported by the fact that there were several adaptive responses observed in all phases. In addition, the exposure of BS to cells pretreated with cortisol and LPS showed evidence of protection against the progressive apoptosis.

PMID: 12724921 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Effect of Nigella sativa (N. sativa L.) and oxidative stress on the survival pattern of MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

Farah IO, Begum RA.

Jackson State University, Jackson, MS 39217, USA.

N. Sativa L., an oriental spice, has long been used as a natural medicine for treatment of many acute as well as chronic conditions. It has been used in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, and dermatological conditions. There has been very few studies on the effects of N. Sativa as cancer prevention/therapy. Our objective therefore, was to expose MCF-7 breast cancer cells to aqueous and alcohol extracts and in combination with H2O2 as an oxidative stressor. Measurement of cell survival under various concentrations and combinations was conducted using standard cell culture techniques, exposure protocols in 96 well plates and Fluoro-spectrosphot ometry. Following cellular growth to 90% confluency, exposure to water (WE) and ethanol (AE) extracts of N. sativa and H2O2 was performed. Toxicity index (LC50) was calculated from percent survival using regression analysis. Results showed that the alcohol extract and its combinations were able to completely inactivate the MCF-7 cells (LC50 ranged from 377.16-573.79 in descending potency for H2O2 + AE, AE and Mix of WE and AE). H2O2 alone effectively inactivated MCF-7 cells (LC50 = 460.94). The least effective combinations in descending potency were WE + H2O2, WE + AE + H2O2, and WE (LC50 were 725.79, 765.94, and 940.5 respectively. Combinations other than AE + H2O2 showed possible interactions, which lead to reduction in their potency. In conclusion, N. Sativa alone or in combination with oxidative stress were found to be effective in vitro in inactivating MCF-7 breast cancer cells, unveiling opportunities for promising results in the field of prevention and treatment of cancer.

PMID: 12724920 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Protective effect of Nigella sativa seeds against carbon tetrachloride- induced liver damage.

Al-Ghamdi MS.

Department of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, King Faisal University, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. mghamdi@Dammam. kfu.edu.sa

It has been reported that Nigella sativa oil possesses hepatoprotective effects in some models of liver toxicity. However, it is N. sativa seeds that are used in the treatment of liver ailments in folk medicine rather than its oil. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the effect of the aqueous suspension of N. sativa on carbon tetrachloride (CCL4)-induced liver damage. Aqueous suspension of the seeds was given orally at two dose levels (250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg) for five days. CCL4 (250 microl/kg intraperitoneally / day in olive oil) was given to the experimental group on days 4 and 5, while the control group was only treated with the vehicles. Animals treated with CCL4 showed remarkable centrilobular fatty changes and moderate inflammatory infiltrate in the form of neutrophil and mononuclear cells when compared to the controls. This effect was significantly decreased in animals pretreated with N. sativa. Histopathological or biochemical changes were not evident following administration of N. sativa alone. Serum levels of aspartic transaminase (AST), and L-alanine aminotransferase (ALT) were slightly decreased while lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) was significantly increased in animals treated with CCL4 when compared to the control group. LDH was restored to normal but ALT and AST levels were increased in animals pretreated with N. sativa. In conclusion, N. sativa seeds appeared to be safe and possibly protective against CCL4-induced hepatotoxicity. However, further studies may still be needed prior to supporting its use in folk medicine for hepatic diseases.

PMID: 14696675 [PubMed - in process]

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Effect of Nigella sativa (black seed) on subjective feeling in patients with allergic diseases.

Kalus U, Pruss A, Bystron J, Jurecka M, Smekalova A, Lichius JJ, Kiesewetter H.

Humboldt University, Berlin, School of Medicine, Institute for Transfusion Medicine, Charite University Hospital, Berlin, Germany.

Nigella sativa (black seed) is an important medicinal herb. In many Arabian, Asian and African countries, black seed oil is used as a natural remedy for a wide range of diseases, including various allergies. The plant's mechanism of action is still largely unknown. Due to the lack of study data on its efficacy in allergies, four studies on the clinical efficacy of Nigella sativa in allergic diseases are presented. In these studies, a total of 152 patients with allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma, atopic eczema) were treated with Nigella sativa oil, given in capsules at a dose of 40 to 80 mg/kg/day. The patients scored the subjective severity of target symptoms using a predefined scale. The following laboratory parameters were investigated: IgE, eosinophil count, endogenous cortisol in plasma and urine, ACTH, triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol and lymphocyte subpopulations. The score of subjective feeling decreased over the course of treatment with black seed oil in all four studies. A slight decrease in plasma triglycerides and a discrete increase in HDL cholesterol occurred while the lymphocyte subpopulations, endogenous cortisol levels and ACTH release remained unchanged. Black seed oil therefore proved to be an effective adjuvant for the treatment of allergic diseases. Copyright 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

PMID: 14669258 [PubMed - in process]

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No. 2

Light emitted by the Sun is at an ideal wavelength that permits living things on Earth to be able to see.
Only the "visible light" wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum can enable biological vision. The largest part of the radiation emitted by the Sun falls within this parameter.
For vision to occur, the cells of the retina must be photosensitive, in other words, able to register photons. This requires that photons fall within the visible spectrum, because photons of different wavelength are either too weak or too strong to be registered by retina cells. Altering the size of the eye would make no difference, because what matters is the size of the cells, the harmony between them, and the wavelength at which the photons occur.
As we all know, organic molecules-the building blocks of living cell structures-are produced by a diversity of different combinations of carbon atoms. The "seeing" cells they form register only visible light.
Consequently, eyes of living beings register only the visible light emitted by the Sun. These factors combine to create vision. God specifically created both the eye and the Sun that emits light at the proper wavelength for it to perceive.
Professor Michael Denton investigated this subject in great detail in his book Nature's Destiny, concluding that an organic eye could produce vision only within the limits of visible light. No other theoretically conceivable eye design can register different wavelength:
UV, X-ray, and gamma rays are too energetic and are highly destructive, while infrared and radio waves are too weak to be detected because they impart so little energy interacting with matter... And so it would appear that for several different reasons, the visual region of the electromagnetic spectrum is the one region supremely fit for biological vision and particularly for the high-resolution vertebrate camera eye of a design and dimension very close to that of the human eye. 42
Taken all together, this all leads to the conclusion that the Sun is carefully designed to emit radiation at a certain bandwidth (1 in 1025), providing heat, supporting the biological functions of complex life forms, enabling photosynthesis and making possible vision for living beings on Earth. This critical balance is certainly not driven by erratic, coincidental processes. All this has been created by God, the Lord and Governor of the heavens, the Earth, and everything in between. Every detail He creates confronts us with a chain of miracles, demonstrating the infinite might of our Creator Who created everything.

The atmosphere admits rays that are beneficial to us and prevents harmful ones from passing, which requires an extraordinary selectivity. So ideal for life, such selectivity is the work of a flawless Creation.
If the Sun's radiation has been designed to support life on Earth, the atmosphere plays an important role in letting through it wavelengths in the right combination and at the right ratio.
In order to reach the Earth's surface, radiation coming from space must pass through the atmosphere first.
If the atmosphere were not of a composition allowing it to filter through, it could be of no benefit. However, the atmosphere has a special filtering property that lets beneficial radiation penetrate.
The atmosphere's truly miraculous aspect is not that it lets radiation penetrate, but that it lets through only beneficial radiation-visible light and infrared radiation, while shielding us from other deadly types of radiation. Thus, the atmosphere is a crucial filter against cosmic radiation reaching the Earth from sources other than the Sun. Professor Denton explains:
Atmospheric gases themselves absorb electromagnetic radiation immediately on either side of the visible and near infrared... The only region of the spectrum allowed to pass through the atmosphere over the entire range of electromagnetic radiation from radio to gamma rays is the exceedingly narrow band including the visible and near infrared. Virtually no gamma, X, ultraviolet, far infrared, and microwave radiation reaches the surface of the earth. 43
It is impossible not to see the detail in this design. Out of a possible range of 1025 different wavelengths, the Sun emits the type of radiation that is beneficial for us; and the atmosphere allows only it to pass through. (All but a fraction of the little ultraviolet radiation the Sun emits is prevented from passing the ozone layer.)
Interestingly, like the atmosphere, water is selective in its penetrability. Only visible light can penetrate it. Infrared radiation (heat energy) can penetrate miles of air, but only a few millimeters of water. Therefore, only the top few millimeters on the surface of the world's seas are heated by the Sun's radiation. Heat absorbed by this layer is then gradually diffused downward, with the result that beneath a certain depth, the water temperature of all the seas is roughly similar, creating an environment conducive to aquamarine life.
Every other type of harmful or deadly cosmic radiation gets caught by this flawless filtering system, letting only beneficial radiations pass through.
These facts are very important. Whichever physical law of light we examine, we see that it is just as needed to enable life. The Encyclopedia Britannica expresses this extraordinary system as follows:
Considering the importance of visible sunlight for all aspects of terrestrial life, one can not help being awed by the dramatically narrow window in the atmosphere absorption and in the absorption spectrum of water. 44
The transparency of both air and water are miraculous phenomena, both designed to support life. Surprisingly, though, it must be said that some people attribute with this flawless design to coincidences, believing that the atmosphere and the seas regulate their own levels of transparency. But neither water nor atmosphere-nor, for that matter, any other senseless thing in the universe-can create such systems. Erratic, coincidental events or unchecked developments cannot make the refined calculations needed to combine living things into a cohesive, harmonious whole.
Flawless design, balance, and order are apparent in the universe, in the world we live in, as well as every physical law. Mankind has existed for hundred thousands of years unaware of this miraculous system and has scarcely begun to learn the details of the universe's magnificence. Man's abilities of comprehension, as the only intelligent being on Earth, is exceeded by these miracles, which clearly prove the existence of the Creator.
It is truly surprising that some people cannot recognize God's existence in all this magnificence. They do not appreciate God's infinite wisdom and knowledge, and do not comprehend that God governs everything and can create and recreate everything. God reveals:
Does not man see that We created him from a drop yet there he is, an open antagonist! He makes likenesses of Us and forgets his own creation, saying, "Who will give life to bones when they are decayed?" Say "He Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life. He has total knowledge of each created thing; He Who produces fire for you from green trees so that you use them to light your fires." Does He Who created the heavens and Earth not have the power to create the same again? Yes indeed! He is the Creator, the All-Knowing. His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, "Be!" and it is. Glory be to Him Who has the Dominion of all things in His Hand. To Him you will be returned. (Qur'an, 36:77-83)
If you are surprised at their blindness, what could be more surprising than their words: "What, when we are turned to dust, shall we then be created all anew?" These are the people who reject their Lord. Such people have iron collars round their necks. Such people are the Companions of the Fire, remaining in it timelessly, for ever. (Qur'an, 13:5)

Water freezes from the surface down, so that ice always floats and never sinks. If, like all other liquids, water became more dense as it grows colder-in other words, if ice sank-then ice in oceans, seas and lakes would sink to the bottom. The surface would continue to freeze and sink, since there would be no surface ice layer to block out the cold. A large part of the Earth's oceans, seas and lakes would turn into huge masses of ice. No life could exist in the seas of such a world. In an ecological system where the seas were dead, life on land would not be possible either. In short, the Earth would be a dead planet-if water behaved "normally."
In his book The Uniqueness of Biological Materials, renowned biochemist Professor A. E. Needham states that liquid substances are necessary for life to form. If the laws of physics permitted only two of the three states of matter (i.e., solids and gases), life could have never existed because in solids, atoms are too closely linked and static. They do not permit the dynamic molecular reactions that living organisms need to perform. In gases, on the other hand, atoms become too unstable and erratic to enable the complex mechanisms of living organisms to function.
In short, a necessary condition for the functions of life is a liquid environment. Water is an ideal or, perhaps, the ideal liquid. Its properties, extraordinarily conducive for life, have long attracted the attention of scientists. Water has thermal properties that appear to contradict some laws of nature but prove that it has been specifically created for life.
All known substances, including liquids, contract as their temperature decreases bar one. Decreasing volume means increased density and increased mass by volume which is why the solid state of liquids has greater mass. Water on the other hand, contracts until its temperature has fallen to 4o C (39.2o F) where it begins to expand again unlike any other liquid. It expands further when it freezes which explains why the solid state of water has less mass than its liquid state. In other words, whereas ice should sink in water according to "normal" laws of physics, it floats.

With no pumps or muscular systems, plants raise water several meters from their roots in the Earth. The reason behind this is surface tension. Channels in plants' roots and stems have been designed in such a way as to take advantage of surface tension. These veins narrow as they rise, causing water to "climb" upwards. If the surface tension in water were as weak as in other liquids, plants would then be unable to obtain water and would desiccate. On a planet with no plant cover, human life would be impossible.
This property of water is really crucial for the seas of the world. If it did not have this property, a great part of the water on the planet would freeze and life in lakes and oceans would cease. This fact needs to be looked at in greater detail. In many parts of the world, in cold winter days, temperatures fall below 0oC. This coldness affects naturally seas and lakes alike and their temperature decreases accordingly. The cooler layers of water sink and the warmer layers rise to the surface where they are cooled by the cold air and begin to sink again. At 4o C (39.2o F) this cycle is broken, because water begins to expand again and becomes "lighter." So, the water at 4o C (39.2o F) becomes the bottom layer and as we move up, the temperature decreases to 3oC (37.4o F) and then 2oC (35.6o F) and so on. At the surface the temperature falls to 0oC (32o F) and freezes but only at the surface. The water below at 4o C (39.2o F) is sufficient to guarantee the survival of fish and other aquamarine life.
What would happen if this were not so? What would happen if water were to behave "normally," and its density were to increase inversely with the fall in temperature- and sink as ice?
In such a scenario, oceans, seas and lakes would freeze from the bottom upwards and keep on doing so, because there would be no insulating layer of ice at the surface. The deepest portions of all lakes, seas, and oceans would become one huge mass of ice, with a layer of only a few meters of water at the top. Even if the air temperature above were to warm again, ice at the bottom would never thaw. In the seas of such a planet, life could not be sustained; and in an eco-system where the seas are "dead," neither could life on land be sustained. In short, if water were to behave "normally," we would have a dead world.
Why does water not contract, but only until its temperature has fallen to 4oC? Then it begins to expand again! That paradox has never been answered by anyone.
Thanks to water's unique thermal properties, the temperature differences between summer and winter, day and night remain always within the levels tolerated by humans and other living things. If the world's land area were bigger than its water area, temperature differentials between day and night would increase dramatically. Most of the land mass would turn into deserts, making life impossible or at least, incredibly hard to sustain. Were water's thermal properties any different, we would have a planet extremely unfavorable to life.
Professor Lawrence Henderson, of the Biochemistry department at Harvard University, studied water's thermal properties and made the following comment:
To sum up, this property appears to possess a threefold importance. First, it operates powerfully to equalize and to moderate the temperature of the earth; secondly, it makes possible very effective regulation of the temperature of the living organism; and thirdly it favors the meteorological cycle. All of these effects are true maxima, for no other substance can in this respect compare with water. 45

Water's chemical and physical properties have been ideally created for humans' life and needs.
Any liquid's surface tension is created by the forces of attraction between its molecules. Thus, the surface tension of every liquid is different. Water's surface tension is greater than most other liquids', with significant biological effects on plant life.
How can plants possibly transport water from deep underground to branches and twigs many meters high, without the use of pumps or muscles? The answer is that the channels in plant roots and veins have been designed to take advantage of water's surface tension. These channels narrow towards the top of a plant, causing water to "climb" upwards.
What makes this design functional is water's great surface tension. Were it weaker, as in most liquids, terrestrial plants of any size would not be able to exist. An environment without plant life would mean no edible crops, no forage for animals, and thus, no human existence.
High surface tension causes also the breakup of rocks. Thanks to its high surface tension, water can penetrate the smallest crevices in rock formations. When temperatures fall below zero, water freezes and expands, exerting great force against the rock and expanding the crack eventually wedging it wider. This process is crucial in extracting the minerals locked in rock formations and also plays a vital role in soil formation.
Along with its physical properties, water's chemical characteristics are also extraordinarily conducive to life. For one thing, it's an ideal solvent, in as much as most chemical substances are water-soluble. .
One important consequence is that a vast array of beneficial minerals and other substances reach the sea via river systems. It has been estimated that five billion tons of chemical substances, vital for aquamarine life, flow into the seas in just this way.
Water is a catalyst for almost all known chemical reactions, and its ideal tendency to join in chemical reactions is yet another one of its important chemical attributes.
Water is not extremely reactive nor corrosive like sulfuric acid, nor-on the other end of the scale-is it as inert like argon and other "noble" gases. As Professor Michael Denton states, "It seems that, like all other properties, the reactivity of water is ideally fit for both its biological and its geological role." 46
New research into water's chemical properties reveals ever more details and aspects of its idealness for life. In this regard, Harold Morowitz, a renowned Professor of biophysics at Yale University, states the following:
The past few years have witnessed the developing study of a newly understood property of water (i.e.., proton conductance) that appears to be almost unique to that substance, is a key element in biological-energy transfer, and was almost certainly of importance to the origin of life. The more we learn the more impressed some of us become with nature's fitness in a very precise sense… 47

The viscosity of water is of vital importance to living things. If it were slightly weaker, then it would be impossible for the capillary vessels to carry blood.
When we say "liquids," we imagine a highly fluid substance. But in reality, liquids' viscosity rate can vary greatly. For instance the viscosity rates of tar, sulfuric acid, glycerol and olive oil are very different from one another. When these substances are compared with water, this range of differences is more clearly understood: Water is ten billion times more fluid than tar, a thousand times more fluid than glycerol, 100 times more fluid than olive oil, and 25 times more fluid than sulfuric acid.
As this comparison demonstrates, water is a substance of high viscosity. We can state that it has the highest viscosity rate of any liquid, if a few substances like ether and liquid hydrogen-gases at room temperature- are discounted.
Is water's viscosity rate relevant to life? Would it make a difference to us if its viscosity were greater or smaller? Professor Denton answers these questions:
The fitness of water would in all probability be less if its viscosity were much lower. The structures of living systems would be subject to far more violent movements under shearing forces if the viscosity were as low as liquid hydrogen...If the viscosity of water was much lower, delicate structures would be easily disrupted... and water would be incapable of supporting any permanent intricate microscopic structures. The delicate molecular architecture of the cell would probably not survive.

Ninety-five percent of blood consists of water. If water's viscosity of were as high as that of honey or tar, then your heart would be unable to pump blood.
If the viscosity was higher, the controlled movement of large macromolecules and particularly structures such as mitochondria and small organelles would be impossible, as would processes like cell division. All the vital activities of the cell would be effectively frozen, and cellular life of any sort remotely resembling that with which we are familiar would be impossible. The development of higher organisms, which is critically dependent on the ability of cells to move and crawl around during embryogenesis, would certainly be impossible if the viscosity of water was even slightly greater than it is. 48
Water's high viscosity rate is vital for us humans, because were it a little less, the capillary network could not transport our blood. The complex network of blood vessels in the kidney, for instance, could never have originated.
Water's viscosity rate is vital not only to processes within cell structures, but also for metabolism as a whole.
All living beings larger than 0.25 of a millimeter have centralized body systems, because in any larger creature, nutrition and oxygen cannot be carried to cells by means of diffusion-that is, they cannot be absorbed directly by the fluids within cells.. Oxygen and nutrition from outside must be pumped by certain "channels" to the countless cells within the body, and waste material removed again. Veins and arteries are these channels, and the heart is the pump that creates the flow within them. The blood circulating around the body, as we know, is composed mostly of water. (When the cells, proteins, and hormones are removed from the blood, plasma remains-which is 95% water.)
This is why water's viscosity is so important to the circulatory system's effectiveness. Were its viscosity rate like tar's, obviously no heart could pump it. Not even a substance like olive oil, with a viscosity rate 100 million times higher than tar, could pass through the body's capillary network, even if the heart could pump it.
Let us inspect this subject more closely. The capillary network's purpose is to supply every cell in the body with oxygen, energy, nutrients and other substances, like hormones. For a cell to be able to receive these deliveries, it must not be further away than 50 microns from the blood vessel (one micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter). Cells at any greater distance could not be fed and, therefore, would die.
This is why the capillary network covers every bit of the human body. It comprises five billion blood vessels with a combined length of 950 kilometers (590 miles). In some mammals, muscle tissue has 3,000 blood vessels per square centimeter. If 10,000 blood vessels of the capillary network were to be placed side by side, their combined width wouldn't exceed the width of a pencil tip. The diameter of these blood vessels is between three and five microns which means three to five thousands of a millimeter. 49
Water's high viscosity rate lets blood pass through fine blood vessels without blockages or slowdowns. Professor Michael Denton states that were water's viscosity rate even slightly less, no circulatory system could preserve its functionality:
A capillary system will work only if the fluid being pumped through its constituent tubes has a very low viscosity. A low viscosity is essential because flow is inversely proportional to the viscosity... From this it is easy to see that if the viscosity of water had a value only a few times greater than it is, pumping blood through a capillary bed would require enormous pressure and almost any sort of circulatory system would be unworkable.. . If the viscosity of water had been slightly greater and the smallest functional capillaries had been 10 microns in diameter instead of 3, then the capillaries would have to occupy virtually all of the muscle tissue to provide an effective supply of oxygen and glucose. Obviously the design of macroscopic life forms would be impossible or enormously constrained. .. It seems, then, the viscosity of water must be very close to what it is if water is to be a fit medium for life. 50
In short, like all of water's other properties, its viscosity too is just perfect for life. The viscosity of liquids covers a vast spectrum. But among the billions of different possible rates, water has been created with perfect viscosity.

Life has such a complex structure that not even a single protein in the millions in a single cell could have come about by chance.
The various chemical bonds keeping atoms and molecules together are called ionic, covalent or weak bonds. Covalent bonds join the atoms in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Weak bonds keep the three-dimensional structure of the amino acid chains they form when they fold or twist together. In other words, if weak bonds did not exist, the proteins formed by chains of amino acids could not function, where there are no proteins, there is no life.
Interestingly, the temperatures needed to form covalent as well as weak bonds fall within the range existing on Earth. In reality, covalent and weak bonds are wholly different bonds and there is no natural reason why they should require the same temperatures to form.
Yet both types of chemical bonds occur only within the temperature range existing on Earth. Were they to form at different temperatures, proteins-therefore, life-could not form, because proteins require both types of bonding simultaneously. In other words, if the temperature ranges in which covalent bonds enable the formation of amino acid chains weren't also conducive to the formation of weak bonds, proteins could not develop their three-dimensional structure; and amino acids would remain as purposeless and dysfunctional chains. Likewise, if a temperature range suitable for weak bonds were not conducive to forming covalent bonds, no chains of proteins could form.
This reveals that atoms, as the building blocks necessary for life, are in great harmony with the home of life, the Earth, as Professor Michael Denton points out in his book, Nature's Destiny:
Out of the enormous range of temperatures in the cosmos, there is only one tiny temperature band in which we have (1) liquid water, (2) a great plenitude of metastable organic compounds, and (3) weak bonds for stabilizing the 3-D forms of complex molecules. 51
Denton stresses that all types of physical and chemical bonds necessary for the formation of life can exist effectively and simultaneously only within a very narrow temperature range-which exist only on Earth, among all the other planets in the solar system.

The air we breathe, and the systems that allow us to make use of it, were created in perfect harmony.
Our bodies' ability to absorb oxygen is due, in turn, to water's ability to absorb it. When we breathe, the oxygen inhaled into our lungs enters our bloodstream almost instantly. In our blood, the protein called hemoglobin transports oxygen to the cells. Enzymes in cells, in turn, use the oxygen to burn carbon compounds called ATP to release energy.
All complex life forms produce their energy by this system, which depends on oxygen's solubility properties of. If oxygen were any harder to dissolve, less of it could enter the bloodstream, and cells would be starved of energy. On the other hand, if oxygen were more readily soluble, its content in the bloodstream would increase enough to cause oxidation poisoning.
Interestingly, the water solubility of different gases can vary a million fold. Carbon dioxide, for instance, is 20 times more soluble than oxygen. Among the vast range of solubility properties of gases, oxygen has just the right solubility properties for us.
What would happen if it were otherwise?
Were oxygen less soluble in water (and therefore, in blood), less of it could enter the bloodstream, and cells would not receive enough oxygen-making survival more difficult for air-breathing creatures. No matter how much we breathed, gradually we would be starved of oxygen because sufficient quantities of what the air contained could not be delivered to the cells.
As stated above, if oxygen were more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, oxidation poisoning would occur. Oxygen can be a highly dangerous gas and deadly if taken in higher doses. When the blood's oxygen ratio increases substantially, oxygen reacts with water to produce highly destructive byproducts. The body has highly complex enzyme systems to prevent or defuse such reactions, but were the body's oxygen content to increase further, these systems could not cope, and every breath we take would quicken death. About this, chemist Irwin Fridovich has this to say:
All respiring organisms are caught in a cruel trap. The very oxygen which supports their lives is toxic to them and they survive precariously, only by virtue of elaborate defense mechanisms. 52
The only thing that protects us from this dilemma-from oxygen poisoning or oxygen starvation-is that oxygen's solubility and our bodies' complex enzyme systems are created just as they should be. Clearly, God has created the air we breathe, as well as the systems that enable us to benefit from it, in perfect harmony.
Today if we take a look around our world its easier to see problems, chaos, difficulty and strife all around.
No. 3
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1.     Calculate exactly the Speed of Light from information in the Holy Quran.
2.     The Scale of the Planets in the Solar System
 No. 4



Written by Jalal Abualrub   

Thursday, 31 July 2008

A Matter of Shariah, or a Matter of Astronomical Calculations?  


Sadly, many Muslims bicker over an aspect that the religion has already settled for them. Allah’s Final Revelation to Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, ordered all of them to, with regards the Hilal –in specific-, rely on what Imam Ibn Taimiyyah called a ‘Universal Sign’ that all can witness, whether they were in the desert or in the city, the lettered and the unlettered, so that they start their month and have their celebrations all together. Meanwhile, many Muslims ignore the major aspects of Islam, such as learning and practicing the pillars of Faith and the pillars of Islam.

Source: www.islamlife. com 


Shari`ah: Sunnah; Method; Law; Way; Minhaj; Clear Way …..
Ummi: Unlettered…..
Ummah: Nation (as in the Muslim Nation)…..
Hilal: Crescent…..
Ru`yah: Sighting; seeing with the eye…..
Badr: Full Moon…..
Hisab: Calculations; Counting; Calculus…..
Hasib: One who does counting or calculations… ..
Kitabah: Writing; Recording; Scribing…..
Mutafiqqihah: Those with lesser knowledge, unqualified to discuss matters of Islamic Law…..
Shadh-dh: A discredited opinion because it contradicts established facts…..
Ijma’: Consensus of the Prophet’s companions (as Imam Ibn `Hazm stated)…..
Bid`ah: Innovation (every innovation in religion is a sin: a Hadeeth collected by Muslim)…..
Fitnah: Trials in life and religion…..
Munajjim: Fortuneteller


1. {Then We have put you (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) on a Shari`ah (plain way of Our) commandment [legal ways and laws of Islâmic Monotheism)] . So follow you that (Islâmic Monotheism and its laws), and follow not the desires of those who know not}; [45:18].

2. {Nor does he (Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) speak of (his own) desire. It is only a Revelation revealed}; [53:3-4].

3. Al-Bukhari and Muslim reported that Allah’s Final and Last Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said,
Start fasting on seeing the crescent (of Ramadan), and give up fasting on seeing the crescent (of Shawwal), and if the sky is overcast (and you cannot see it), complete thirty days of Sha`ban.

4. Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated that Allah’s Final and Last Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said,
We are an Ummi (unlettered) nation; we neither Naktubu (write; record), nor Na`hsubu (count; calculate). The month is like this and this, i.e. sometimes of 29 days and sometimes of thirty days.

5. The Prophet of Allah, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, accepted testimony from one man, who sighted the moon, and ordered Muslims to fast (Sahih Sunan Abi Dawud).

The Old/New Fitnah

 Shaikh-ul-Islam, Imam Ibn Taimiyyah, died several centuries ago. (728H) Among the vast treasures of Islamic knowledge that he left behind for all Muslims to benefit from, is that he discussed the old/new annual Fitnah that divides Muslims regarding moon-sighting vs. astronomical calculations. What he wrote on this topic is astoundingly contemporary, as if Ibn Taimiyyah is still living among us and witnessing the endless bickering between Muslims in the West, in specific, regarding when to start the Ramadhan and other religious seasons.

 Beneficial Reminders:

1. ‘Astronomical calculations’ is an ancient type of ‘knowledge’. The Arabs, as well as, the Persians, Indians, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians excelled in the ‘knowledge’ of astronomy and astronomical calculations. Read any book on the history of astronomy and you shall come to know the truth of our statement here.

 2. Currently, many Muslims who discuss this topic are utterly unaware of or about the vast knowledge mankind had about astronomy and astronomical calculations, both before and after Islam. The fact that the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, mentioned the word ‘Hisab’ is self-evident of the knowledge they had on it.

 3. The Quran and Sunnah are a revelation from Allah, the All-Knower of the past, present and future. Even though Allah granted mankind knowledge in astronomy both before and after He sent Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, as His Final and Last Prophet, He ordered Muslims to sight the Hilal, with their eyes.

4. Shari`ah vs. Majority Rule:
{It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed into a plain error}; [33:36].

5. We hereby challenge all those who disagree with this article to a debate on: “Moon-Sighting: A Matter of Shari`ah or a Matter of Astronomical Calculation”. I, Jalal Abualrub, can be reached at IslamLife@Gmail. Com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

 Here is a translation of some excellent words by Imam Ibn Taimiyyah which I present to every Muslim who seeks that which is better with Allah: attaining knowledge before saying or doing anything. We collected these words from Ibn Taimiyyah’s, Fatawa, and his, Letter on the Hilal (Crescent).

Imam Ibn Taimiyyah said, “All thanks are due to Allah, Who sent the Book (Quran) down to His Slave and made it a source of clear guidance regarding everything and a reminder for people of correct understanding, and ordered us to abide by it since it is His Rope that is the firmest of all handle-holds; He guided us by it to the paths of guidance and the methods of correctness and stated in it that,

{It is He Who made the sun a shining thing and the moon as a light and measured out for it stages that you might know the number of years and the reckoning}; [10:5].

I bear witness that there is no Ilah except Allah, Alone without partners, Lord of the lords, and that Muhammad is His Slave and Messenger who was sent with the concise speech, wisdom and Fasla-l-Khitab (sound judgment in speech and decision). May Allah’s Salat (peace and mercy) be on him (Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam) and on his family, an everlasting Salat that remains to the Day of Return (Day of Resurrection) . Amma Ba`du (Next): Allah has completed our religion for us, perfected His Favor on Us and has chosen Islam for us as our religion. He ordered us to follow His Straight Path and to avoid the paths that will deviate us from His Path…He commanded us to not be like those who divided and disputed [with each other] after the clear signs came to them. He told His Messenger that,

 {Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects (all kinds of religious sects), you (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) ö have no concern in them in the least}; [6:159].


He stated that He made him (Prophet Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam) on a Shari`ah (plain way) of the Commandment (Islamic Monotheism and its Laws) and ordered him to follow it and not follow the path of those who know not. He also said,

 {And We have sent down to you (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) the Book (this Qur’ân) in truth, confirming the Scripture that came before it and Mohaymin (trustworthy in highness and a witness) over it (old Scriptures). So judge among them by what Allâh has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging away from the truth that has come to you. To each among you, We have prescribed a law and a clear way…If Allâh had willed, He would have made you one Ummah (nation), but that (He) may test you in what He has given you; so compete in good deeds. The return of you (all) is to Allâh; then He will inform you about that in which you used to differ. And so judge (you, O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó ) among them by what Allâh has revealed and follow not their vain desires, but beware of them lest they turn you (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) far away from some of that which Allâh has sent down to you}; [5:48-49].

Allah ordered him (Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam) to not follow their vain desires diverging away from the truth that has come to him, even if it was a law or a method legislated for other prophets. This is because Allah has made for every prophet a way and a Sunnah (legal ways; law) and warned him (Prophet Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam) against allowing [those who follow their vain desires] to divert him from a part of what Allah had revealed to him. If this is the ruling with regards to what was a law for other prophets, then, what about what is not known if it was a part of any [earlier] Shari`ah, especially the way of those who did not receive a Book (Divine Inspiration) ? Allah ordered him (Prophet Muhammad salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam) and ordered us in various parts [of His Revelation] to follow that which was sent down to us, not that which contradicts it, by saying,  

{Alif Lâm Mîm Sâd. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur’ân and none but Allâh (Alone) knows their meanings.] (This is the) Book (the Qur’ân) sent down unto you (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó), so let not your breast be narrow therefrom, that you warn thereby; and a reminder unto the believers. [Say (O, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó) to these idolaters (pagan Arabs) of your folk:] Follow what has been sent down unto you from your Lord (the Qur’ân and Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah), and follow not any Auliyâ’ (protectors and helpers who order you to associate partners in worship with Allâh), besides Him (Allâh). Little do you remember!}; [7:1-4].

Further, Allah described the condition of those who inherited the Book and defied it as compared to those who held fast to it, by saying,

{Then after them succeeded an (evil) generation, which inherited the Book, but they chose (for themselves) the goods of this low life (evil pleasures of this world) saying (as an excuse): “(Everything) will be forgiven to us.” And if (again) the offer of the like (evil pleasures of this world) came their way, they would (again) seize them (would commit those sins). Was not the covenant of the Book taken from them that they would not say about Allâh anything but the truth? And they have studied what is in it (the Book). And the home of the Hereafter is better for those who are Al-Muttaqûn (the pious). Do not you then understand? And as to those who hold fast to the Book (i.e. act on its teachings) and perform As-Salât (Iqâmat-as-Salâ t), certainly We shall never waste the reward of those who do righteous deeds}; [9:169-170]…

…The Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, has foretold that this Ummah (Muslims) will follow the ways of those who came before them (i.e., Christians, Jews, Fire-Worshippers) , so completely, just like the feathers of the arrow are perfectly aligned, that if they enter the den of a mastigure (a type of lizard), they (Muslims) will enter it after them. Consequently, there will be among Muslims those who change the words [of Allah and His Messenger] from their proper places, by changing the meaning of the Book [of Allah, the Quran] and the Sunnah [of His Prophet] with regards to that which Allah has foretold or commanded… 

…I wrote this introduction because of what I witnessed of the people during the month of the Fast as well as in other months that, among them are those who listen to what some of the ignorant people of Hisab (calculations) say that, the moon can or cannot be sighted. These people build on this stance [that they take] aspects that touch their inward or both their inward and outward being so much so that I have heard that some judges (or leaders) will reject the testimony of a number of trustworthy witnesses [who sighted the moon] relying on the statement of the Hasib (who calculates), Jahil (ignorant) Kadhib (liar) who claims that it (the moon) can or cannot be seen. Thus, they (the judges described here) become among those who reject the truth after it has been made clear to them. He (this type of judge) may even accept testimony from those who are not trustworthy (i.e., such as the Kuffar, who may soon replace Muhammad's Sunnah as the ultimate authority on when Muslims can start their Ramadhan and when they can have their `Eed, deciding for Muslims –in advance- when to fast and when to break the fast). Thus, this judge becomes among those who listen to falsehood…Wicked judges accept false statements from witnesses and tale tellers who, otherwise, are not among those whose statement or news is to be accepted…Some of them (wicked judges) do not [totally] agree with what the Munajjim (who, in this case, says the moon can or cannot be seen) says, whether inwardly or outwardly. Yet, he has misgivings in his heart regarding this topic and a strong doubt, because he trusts him (the Munajjim) [on one hand], yet, knows that the Shari`ah did not consider this aspect (astronomical calculations) . This is especially the case if this person (wicked judge) has learned some knowledge on Hisab (calculations) about the two bright objects, i.e., about the two cylinders (the sun and the moon) being in conjunction with each other and about them when they part with each other by so many degrees, and also [gained some knowledge about] how the new moon occurs, how it becomes full (Badr) and how eclipse happens, either a lunar or a solar eclipse. Consequently, [this wicked judge who does not totally believe in what fortunetellers say ends up] upholding the judgment of the Hasib (who does astronomical calculations) , Kadhib (liar) who is ignorant in sighting (i.e. as prescribed by the Shari`ah). As for those who engage in Hisab (astronomical calculations) and follow the positions and movements of the heavenly objects, who may give a correct report in this regard, they may be contradicted [rightfully or wrongly] by the ignorant who are unlettered, who may belong to the faith…since they witness them (those who do Hisab) defy the religion [regarding that aspect which the Shari`ah has settled] by using calculations instead of visual sighting and by believing in the favorable or unfavorable effects of the stars. Thus, when they see them (i.e., see those who do Hisab) engage in this type of behavior, which is prohibited in the religion, they reject everything they say [whether true or false]…Yet this type of people (i.e. the ignorant) are better off in the religion than the first type (who do `Hisab): they reject a part of truth due to their ignorance and having the wrong interpretation; but they do not change a part of the foundation of Islam. [In contrast,] the first type [who do Hisab] may end up changing Islam. This is because we know as an established fact of the religion of Islam that, with regards to the Hilal of the Fast, Hajj, Iddah (prescribed lunar period before a divorced woman can remarry), Ilaa ({Those who take an oath not to have sexual relation with their wives must wait for four months...}; [2:226]) and other aspects of the Islamic law that are connected to the Hilal, it is not allowed to follow the news of the Hasib that the Hilal can or cannot be seen. There are many narrations collected from the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, asserting this aspect. Further, Muslims have agreed on this. There is no reported difference [between respected scholars] with regards to this aspect whether before or during this time, except that some Mutafiqqihah (i.e., who have lesser knowledge) who came after the third hundred [of Hijrah] claimed that if the Hilal (new moon) was shielded from sight, then, it is allowed for the Hasib (i.e. who does astronomical calculations) himself to follow the Hisab (astronomical calculations) and fast, if Hisab has indicated that sighting the moon is possible; otherwise, he does not fast. This statement, even though tied to the moon being shielded from sight and only for the Hasib to use, is a Shadh-dh (rejected) opinion that is contrary to the Ijma’ that preceded it and which contradicts it. As for doing this (i.e., fasting if Hisab says the moon can be sighted and not fasting if Hisab says otherwise) when the moon is not shielded from sight or regarding it as a valid implication of the general ruling (i.e., “Start fasting on seeing the crescent”, which the scholars said is a general ruling for the entire Ummah), then no Muslim has said this [so far].”

Imam Ibn Taimiyyah also said these words in his, Fatawa, “Our Ummah (Muslims) is not like the People of the Scripture who do not memorize their Holy Books by heart. Rather, if all copies of the Quran vanished, the Quran would still be kept in the hearts of the Ummah. Hence, Muslims are an Ummi Ummah from this perspective, after the Quran was revealed and memorized by heart. The Sahih [collections of al-Bukhari and Muslim] reported that Abdullah Ibn Umar said that, the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said,

 “We are an Ummi nation; we neither Naktubu (write; record), nor Na`hsubu (count; calculate). The month is like this and this, i.e. sometimes of 29 days and sometimes of thirty days.

Note that he, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, did not say, ‘We cannot read a book or memorize (especially since many companions knew how to read, write, count and memorize).’ Rather, he said, ‘We do not write or count’, i.e., our religion does not need to be recorded and calculated for as is the case with the People of the Scripture who know the timings of their fast and breaking the fast [and other religious activities] by using records and calculations. Thus, their religion is tied to books, which if they disappear, they would not know their religion. This is why most of the people of Sunnah memorize the Quran and Hadeeth, more so than those among the people of Bid`ah who do so. People of Bid`ah are similar to the People of the Scripture in some ways. The Two Sahihs stated that the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said,

 ‘You will follow the wrong ways, of your predecessors so completely and literally, just as the two feathers of an arrow are perfectly aligned, that if they should go into the hole of a mastigure, you too will go there.

They said, ‘O, Allah's Prophet! Do you mean the Jews and the Christians?" He replied,

Whom else?’


Muslims Did What the Prophet Said They Would Do

Kafir Astronomers Deciding for Muslims When to Fast; Ru`yah Almost Abandoned

Sadly, many Muslims bicker over an aspect that the religion has already settled for them. Allah’s Final Revelation to Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, ordered all of them to, with regards the Hilal –in specific-, rely on what Imam Ibn Taimiyyah called a ‘Universal Sign’ that all can witness, whether they were in the desert or in the city, the lettered and the unlettered, so that they start their month and have their celebrations all together. Meanwhile, many Muslims ignore the major aspects of Islam, such as learning and practicing the pillars of Faith and the pillars of Islam.

 What was meant for them to be a wonderful experience that they all can share, regardless of the location and degree of education, they take away from the eye and give it to those who use astronomical calculations. What happened to the Prophet’s specific instruction to not use Hisab? Just add it to the ever growing list of consistent defiance of the Sunnah that Allah revealed to His Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam. One should ask himself this question: when the Prophet, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, said this Hadeeth about Hisab, this being a matter of the religion, did not Allah know that in the future, mankind will be able to see the moon around the clock? Still, Allah revealed this clear, plain Hadeeth wherein the matter of the Hilal is entrusted to the eye, not made a monopoly between the educated.

 Finally, if one reads the horrific differences between those who calculate just about this coming Eed, one will further know the error of the Hisab method. Just compare the various calendars they use and the decision issued by various ‘Astronomical Societies’ about when the new moon for Shawwal will be.

 May Allah save us from error and make us among those who follow Muhammad, salla-llahu `alaihi wa-sallam, in all that Allah has revealed to him, without exception.

 Jalal Abualrub

Source: http://www.islamlif e.com/readarticl e.php?article_ id=1

 Allaah (ta’aalaa) says:

If anyone contends with The Messenger even after guidance has been plainly conveyed to him, and follows a path other than that of The Believers (i.e. the companions), We shall leave him in the path he has chosen, and land him in Hell, what an evil refuge! (An-Nisa 4:114)

But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission. (An-Nisa 4:65)

The only saying of the faithful believers, when they are called to Allâh (His Words, the Qur'ân) and His Messenger, to judge between them, is that they say: "We hear and we obey." And such are the prosperous ones (who will live forever in
Paradise). (An-Nur 24:51)

O you who believe! Obey Allâh and obey the Messenger (Muhammad), and those of you (Muslims) who are in authority. (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allâh and His Messenger, if you believe in Allâh and in the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for final determination. (An-Nisa 4:59)

And let those who oppose The Messenger's commandment (i.e. his Sunnah legal ways, orders, acts of worship, statements, etc.) beware, lest some Fitnah (disbelief, trials, afflictions, earthquakes, killing, overpowered by a tyrant, etc.) befall them or a painful torment be inflicted on them. (An-Nur 24:63)

 The Messenger of Allaah said:

“Let me not find none of you reclining on his bed, the order comes to him on an affair which I am commanded to do or not to do, he says: 'I do not know, whatever is found in the Book of Allah, we follow. ” (Tirmithi). According to another report: “What is found in The Book of Allah as 'Haram' we pronounce it 'haram' (forbidden). Surely, I am given The Qur'an and its example with it.' Yet, according to another report: "What the Messanger of Allah has forbidden, Allah has prohibited it. ”
“He who turns away from my Sunnah is not from me.” (Al-Bukhaari, Muslim, an-Nasa’i)

“All of my Ummah will enter Paraside except those who refuse.” It was said, “Who will refuse?” He replied, “Whoever obeys me enters
Paradise and whoever disobeys me has refused.” (al-Bukhaari)

“I have left you upon clear guidance. Its night is like its day. No one deviates fromit after me, except that he is destroyed.” (Ahmad Ibn Maajah, al-Hakim)


ãä Êßáã Ýí ÇáäÌæã ÝÞÏ æÞÚ Ýí ÔÚÈÉ ãä ÔÚÈÉ ÇáÓÍÑ
Whoever talks in the matter of the planets, then he has entered into part from the parts of magic.

Sunan Abu Dawood (Saheeh with the authenticity of Imaam Muslim)

Did the best of Mankind, Muhammad Õóáøóì Çááåõ Úóáóíúåö æÓóáøóãó
ever do it?

Did the best of all generations, Muhammad’s Companions ever do it?

…even though they had the technology…

So Then Are We Better than Them?


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Two moons on 27 August
27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for.. .
Planet Mars will be the brightest in the

night sky starting August.
  It will look as large as the full moon
 to the naked eye.

This will Cultivate on Aug,27

when Mars comes within 34.65M
 miles off earth.
Be Sure to watch the sky on
 Aug 27 12:30 am .
 It will look like the earth has 2 moons.

 The next time Mars may come
this close is in 2287.
 Share this with your friends as

 will ever see it Again

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Shaykh Muhammad al-Maliki:
“The jinn are a creation that fears the Believers most."

Question: Yaa Shaykh may Allaah Preserve you. Is it true that the jinn/shayateen are repulsed by frankincense (bakhoor) and the angels are attracted to it? Do angels accompany cats and do jinns occupy vacant places and if a person moves into a house that has been vacant for a period of time are there any procedures that the Muslims should take to free the house of jinns/shayateen?

Answer: The Shaykh praised Allaah and sent salaah and salaam upon the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم then said: First of all let me give you this information and glad tidings: "The jinn are a creation that fears the Believers most." The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said to 'Umar ibn al-Khattaab [1]:

So the shayateen – the jinn, they are scared of the Believers, but they have a sense, they can feel the fear and fright of mankind. So if you become scared of jinns, they become brave and they start scaring you. So what you need to do is what Allaah تعالى says – I am not bringing this from my mind but from what Allaah تعالى says and from my experience – Allaah تعالى says:

{It is only Shaitân (Satan) that suggests to you the fear of his Auliyâ' [supporters and friends (polytheists, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh and in His Messenger, Muhammad)]; so fear them not, but fear Me, if you are (true) believers.} [Aal-'Imraan 3:175]

So if you are a real Believer do not get scared of the Shayateen.

Regarding incense this is not true – this is commonly known by the Sufis. The Sufis say that the shayateen run away from the bukhoor, the incense, but it's not true. The angels like any good smell whereas the shayateen doesn't like good smells, rather they like bad smells. That's why they whisper for one not to take a shower and they whisper for one not to clean up and that's why when the kuffar go to the toilet – when they urinate or pass stool, they clean with paper only and they don't clean well – that's why the shayateen control them. Allaah تعالى says to the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم:

{See you not that We have sent the Shayâtîn (devils) against the disbelievers to push them to do evil.} [Maryam 19:83]

And that's why Yaa Ikhwaan we need to always be clean and that's why the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم encouraged us always have wudū' and to use perfume. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said:

It was made more beloved to me from your life the woman (the wife) and perfume. [2] So it is good use perfume and incense, but don't think that the shayateen will run away and the angels will come. It's true that the shayateen do not like good smells and the angels like the good smells; but at the same time don't let this idea captivate your mind. I say this because some people will be captivated by this idea, then one day they will forget to perfume and then they will then thinking "O Shaytaan is here, Shaytaan is there, jinn is here and jinn is there" and if anyone whistles or anyone says something, (they say) "O that's Shaytaan" – this is bad.

But what can turn Shayateen away? Akhi, remembrance of Allaah, remembrance of Allaah can turn Shaytaan away. Allaah تعالى says:

{… when Allâh is mentioned, feel a fear in their hearts and when His Verses (this Qur'ân) are recited unto them, they (i.e. the Verses) increase their Faith; and they put their trust in their Lord (Alone) …} [Al-Anfal 8:2]

And the other ayah:

{Verily, in the remembrance of Allâh do hearts find rest.} [Ar-Ra'd 13:28]

So do a lot of remembrance (adhkaar), the remembrance of the morning and evening, for entering the house, exiting the house, entering the toilet, exiting the toilet, entering the mosque, exiting the mosque, going into your car etc. You take all the remembrances that the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم taught us. So Inshaa Allaah you will be protected.

And when you get to the house, it's not true that a house that is abandoned for a while is captured (occupied) by the shayateen. No, the shayateen are everywhere – they are in every house, they are with everyone. Allaah تعالى says that everyone has a Qareen as in Surah Qaaf:

{His companion (Satan/devil) will say…} [Qaaf 50:27]
So everyone has a qareen accompanying him from the jinn. So, how can you be protected from that? You can be protected by continuous remembrance – by continuously being with Allaah (having Him in your thoughts) all the time.

{Say (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم): "Verily, my Salât (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allâh,
the Lord of the 'Âlamîn (mankind, jinn and all that exists).}
[Al-An'aam 6:162]

So you live for Allaah and Allaah will protect you.

{Truly, Allâh defends those who believe.} [Al-Hajj 22:38]

And in the hadeeth Qudsi: [3]

Here Allaah تعالى is telling you that as much remembrance, worship and optional worship you do for Him, He will protect your eyes, your ears, your hands and your legs. That means you are surrounded by protection from Allaah تعالى and Allaah تعالى will send the angels around you.

But when you go to a house whether it is an abandoned house or it is your house or it is someone's house – even if it is your house whether empty or occupied, what you should do is say as-Salaam:

{O you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked permission and greeted those in them.}[An-Nur 24:27]

And in the other ayah:

{But when you enter the houses, greet one another with a greeting from Allâh (i.e. say: السلام عليكم) As-Salâmu 'Alaikum - peace be on you)}[An-Nur 24:61]

So even if it is unoccupied you say Assalaamu 'Alaikum yourself as Allaah تعالى guides you. By doing that, there will be no shayateen because as in the hadith
the shayateen will stand by the door, when the person comes they listen, if he says Assalaamu 'Alaikum – if he remembers Allaah the head Shaytaan will say 'go back, go back you have no place here.' But when you come into the house silent or saying any words other than the remembrance, He says 'Ok come here you have a place to sleep you have food come, come' and they come into your house. [4] This is the way you protect yourself from the shayateen, it is not related to the bukhoor or this or that – that is from Sufism. Wallaahu A'lam.

Answered by: Shaykh Muhammad al-Maliki

Title of Lecture: Ramadaan 1427 = 2006

Date of the Lecture: Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Listen to Lecture: Click Here

Read the Transcribed Lecture: Click Here

[1] Reference Pending

[2] Shaykh al-Albaani رحمه الله says Saheeh in Saheeh al-Jaami' (#3124) with the following wording:

حبب إلي من دنياكم النساء والطيبوجعلت قرة عيني فيالصلاة

[3] Reported as part of a longer hadith in Saheeh al-Bukhaari, Kitaab al-Riqaaq (#6137) with the following wording:

وما يزال عبدي يتقرب إلي بالنوافل حتى أحبه، فإذا أحببته: كنتسمعه الذي يسمع به، وبصره الذي يبصر به، ويده التي يبطش بها، ورجله التي يمشي بها،وإن سألني لأعطينَّه، ولئن استعاذني لأعيذنَّه

[4] Reported with the following wording in Saheeh al-Bukhaari, Kitaab Salaahtit-Taraaweeh (#1906) as part of a longer hadeeth.

نعم البدعة هذه، والتي ينامون عنها أفضل من التي يقومون

Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal [Rahmahullah] Said: "Allah showers His Mercy upon the worshipper who approaches prayer in a state of humility and meekness towards Allah, in fear and supplicating Him with desire (for His Pleasure), and in hope (of His Mercy), making Salah to his Rabb, his most important consideration, dedicating his whispered utterances to Him and his back straight in his qiyam and his ruku` and his sujud, poring out his heart and his feelings and struggling to perfect his acts of worship, for he knows not whether he will perform another prayer after it, or whether he will be overtaken (by death) before he can perform Salah again."


Imaam al-Awzaa'ee [d. 157H]:
"Adhere to the narrations of the Salaf, even if the people were to abandon you. And Beware of the opinions of people, no matter how much they beautify it with speech."

Imaam Maalik Ibn Anas [d. 179H]:
"The latter part of the Ummah will not be rectified except with that which rectified its earliest part."

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